About the School

St Caolan’s Primary School is a catholic primary school for boys & girls. The school was first opened in 1887. The original building has undergone refurbishment and modernisation. There has been a recent development of three additional classrooms, staffroom, office, toilets, reception area and a new playground. We have an enrolment capacity of 90.

Mission Statement

In St Caolan’s Primary School we aim to provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment, in which to realise and celebrate the academic and non-academic potential of all our pupils. We expect our pupils to work hard and for parents to assist us in laying the important foundations for future learning.

Situated in the rural area of Darragh Cross, Saintfield. St Caolan’s Primary is a Catholic school with strong links to the parish, church and local community. We believe that the school is a vital part of the Catholic community.

We are firmly committed to:

· The aims of Catholic education,

· Providing effective education for all our children,

· Developing positive, effective Pastoral Care systems in our school,

· Establishing close links with the home, the parish and the wider community.

St Caolan’s Primary School seeks to establish an educative community, centred on Christ, so that His values and Gospel message pervade the whole life of our school. St Caolan’s Primary School welcomes pupils from other faith traditions.

In our school we aim to:

• Develop and strengthen each pupil’s understanding and love of Catholic values by promoting the Catholic ethos throughout the school,

• Create a safe, enjoyable learning environment, in which effective learning is facilitated and quality teaching is provided,

• Implement all aspects of the Northern Ireland Curriculum,

• Help our pupils to develop a positive attitude towards life and a love of learning,

• Value, respect and nurture every child in our care,

• Encourage pupils to respect themselves and others and to support and care for one another,

• Equip our children with the necessary life skills to enable them to participate in a fast changing society,

• Involve the parents, Board of Governors and wider community in the life of the school and in the holistic development of the children in our care.